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The investment worth 3.5 million euros includes AML House and an outdoor warehouse built according to the most modern standards available to car manufacturers

Milšped, a regional leader in the field of logistics, started the year with the realization of one of the important investments that will significantly improve services to all clients in the automotive industry sector.

The newly built AML House, a business and service center in Krnješevci, occupies a total area of 2,880 m2, and the outdoor car warehouse covers 5.5 ha and can accommodate 3,500 vehicles.

As the automotive industry is one of the most dynamic industries characterized by constant innovation, as well as the highest standards in all production processes, AML House offers car manufacturers all the necessary logistics services in one place, to significantly improve their operations.

„In the year when our company marks 30 years of successful business with over 3,500 employees in over 13 countries and on 3 continents, we strive to strengthen our position with a professional approach to clients, as well as with a responsible attitude towards work, and constant improvement of our services. AML House is the best proof of this commitment“, says Milšped’s new managing director, Nebojša Krivokuća.

Within AML House, all processes are located in one place, and clients have at their disposal: a service center, a passenger car wash station equipped with the most modern systems for both manual and automatic car washing, and an administrative area.

The outdoor car warehouse was built in compliance with the highest requirements of the modern car industry, equipped with an anti-hail net, provided with the most state-of-the-art technical security, as well as a car protection system against birds, insects, and rodents. In accordance with new trends in the auto industry, the warehouse is also equipped with 20 fast electric chargers for EVs.

The location and capacity of this business-storage center gives Milšped's partners the opportunity to cover not only the Serbian market, but also Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania and Bulgaria.

Investing in AML House and an outdoor warehouse is just one in a series of investments that the company is making in the year of the jubilee.

The year was also marked by the start of operations of the Intermodal Terminal in Niš on the route of corridor 10, which spreads over 4 ha, the installation of a solar power plant on the rooftops of the logistics center in Krnješevci, where the construction of a new 30,000m2 warehouse space begins, the launch of an air cargo company, the introduction of robotics in storage processes, and the plan is to build another 15,000 m2 of storage space in Niš, as well as numerous other significant investments.

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