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Milšped Group, the market leader in the field of transport and logistics, operating for more than 30 years, continues to expand its network and join various dots on the map of the world.

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FTL, Groupage and Customs clearance

With our own next-generation fleet and a large number of reliable subcontractors, we are ready to fulfil all demands of our clients. The organization of FTL (Full Truck Load) shipments and Groupage / LTL shipments is covered with a large number of available trucks on a daily basis. The fleet at our disposal is equipped with GPS devices, which enables real-time shipment tracking and offers additional security to the clients in the course of transportation. Milšped has a long tradition of providing customs brokerage services. Our authorized customs brokers and advanced operating systems will help you to successfully steer through the complicated customs procedures, avoid extra expenses or any delays in the implementation of your business processes.

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Warehouse and Distribution

With a decade of experience, Milšped’s warehousing logistics today provides a superior service to a growing network of clients, through a combination of various modern solutions and technologies. A team of experts, comprised of top operatives and engineers, looks after our clients’ goods, stored in over 520,000 m² of warehousing space across Europe. All the warehouses are covered by a state-of- the-art warehouse management system (WMS), which, through our E-communication, has 200 realized interface connections with our clients’ diverse ERP systems. In addition to standard warehousing and handling services, we also provide support to our clients in the preparation of goods against sales orders, management of warehouse processes in the clients’ production and distribution warehouses (in-house logistics), and additional services. The strength of Milšped as a leading provider of 3PL logistics services is reflected, among other things, in the extensive distribution network making more than 10,000 deliveries across Serbia on a daily basis, all the while adhering to the highest distribution standards and providing top quality service.

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Sea, Air and Rail Transport

Our services in the area of sea transportation include the organization of FCL and LCL shipments, organization of oversized (project), bulk, and liquid cargo transportation, as well as goods insurance services. Through our extensive network of agents, we are present at all commercial airports in more than 150 countries worldwide. Making sure that the clients’ needs with regards to terms of delivery, routing, handling requirements and costs are being met as per their requirements, our professional staff provide top-quality service in air transportation. In cooperation with Europe’s leading operators, national and foreign railroad administrations, Milšped offers rail transportation services at highly favourable prices.

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We are specialized in various industries and owing to our extensive network and international partners, we are able to overcome any geographical obstacle with great success. If you want to rise above the challenges of dynamic environment and strong competition, you can rely on us as a partner who understands your specific requirements and the challenges you are facing every day. Your goods are always safe in our care, thanks to the vast experience and skills of our employees and our commitment to each step in the development and transport of your business.

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Automotive Logistics

Milšped AML d.o.o is a part of the group whose potential is directed towards the creation of logistic solutions intended for automotive industry. Long-term dedication to this logistic segment, as well a successful fulfillment of requirements of multinational companies in this field, provided Milšped with comparative advantage on the market and prevalence in the provision of services related to automotive logistics.

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Every morning and afternoon, our company reports on the situation development at the border crossings of Serbia, Western Balkan countries, as well as Germany and Russia, which is of utmost importance for the entire road transport.

If you want to receive our reports, send us an email at milsped.tim@milsped.com

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