Training of Trainers at the M Base Learning Centre

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Milšped Company is proud to present the new generation of internal trainers, which have successfully completed the training programme “Training of Trainers” and are now ready to share their precious knowledge, experience, and skills with their colleagues.

The mission of our 24 internal trainers is to transfer the knowledge from their fields to their colleagues from other sectors in order to familiarise them with the processes and provide information about a broader vision of Milšped’s operations.

The primary goal of Milšped M Base Learning Centra and our Internal Trainers is to buildthe environment of continuous learning and personal development, understanding of the colleagues’ needs, and the processes within the operation of integrated services in the logistics chain, and to promote Milšped values that learning is a process that is never over!

We believe that investing in employees is the key to success and we are certain that our trainers will be excellent in their new role, and that this will also motivate other colleagues to join them and adopt new knowledge and skills on this road together.

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