About Milšped

Milšped Group is a leading logistic system in the region which consists of nine legal persons.


Milšped Group, the market leader in the field of transport and logistics, operating for more than 25 years, continues to expand its network and join various dots on the map of the world. The latest additions are branch offices in China and the United States of America, of which we are particularly proud. Built on the sound foundations of success achieved so far and a flawless business record, by opening up new markets the Company continuously invests in improving its logistics solutions that eliminate borders and erase distances. The satisfaction of our clients is our motivation, driving force, and the only measure of success. Always striving to be better, faster, and more innovative, we have a strategic direction that is based on the strong values of corporate culture, commitment to the partnership with our clients, use of advanced technologies, and socially responsible business practices. All services rendered by members of the Milšped Group are in compliance with the highest international standards and provide a suitable response to the most complex demands of our clients with regards to integrated services at a regional level.

Our History

Our story began in Belgrade more than 25 years ago, and today there are over 2,500 employees in our system, delivering responsible, top-quality services to meet the clients’ needs and constantly innovating the processes within the logistics chain that connects all corners of the world.

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Numbers & Facts

We are connecting and simplifying supply chains.

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Certificates & memberships

Quality in all segments of business operations is one of the basic elements of the Milšped Group strategy and a reflection of a well-established, maintained and constantly improved quality management system.

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