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Milica Vojinović

Milica Vojinović

I learned about the operations of Milšped back when I was a student of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, while I was writing my thesis. A high level of commitment, support and selfless sharing of knowledge by employees, positive work atmosphere, good energy and dynamic environment have contributed to my wish to become a part of that community. My first position was assistant contract logistics manager, and after two and a half years of working in this position, I was promoted to the new project development manager in the Warehouse Sector. I believe that my mentor, who selflessly invested in me and shared his knowledge without hesitation, is responsible for my quick progress, as well as the colleagues and the working environment which motivated me to do my best. I like to quote the poet Jovan Dučić, who said: “It is a great misfortune when a person doesn’t know what they want, and a true disaster when they don’t know what they can do”. Keeping that in mind, I am sure Milšped is the right choice for young, ambitious people who need to find themselves, discover and develop their potentials!

Jelena Simeunović

Jelena Simeunović

I started my career in Milšped during Summer Internship 2016 where I came after my undergraduate studies, wishing to start working and acquiring experience in the leading company on both local and international transportation and logistics market. As soon as the following year, due to good results, Milšped invited me to become a regular member of their team, and I was given the opportunity to work in the organization of international road transport on the Southeast Europe market. Every day I have the opportunity to cooperate with global manufacturers of packaging, appliances and companies in automotive industry. In time I have made even more progress which led me to now being one of the first members of the customer support team in international transport.

If you want to work in a young and energetic team where people are open for cooperation and progress, and gain excellent experience in transportation and logistics, Milšped is the right place for you!

Ivana Čupić

Ivana Čupić

I started my career in June 2015 as an intern in the position of a corporate clients support officer. In three months, for the duration of internship, apart from obtaining operational knowledge, I also learned how important it is for the overall future development to have a good mentor at the beginning of your career. In my opinion, a mentor is a person who should broaden your horizons with their knowledge and experience, inspire and encourage you to always move a step forward. I was lucky to start a career in such a company, where mentoring has its true meaning.

After the internship, I was employed as a customs officer in the Customs Sector. In that position, I was privileged to learn from the best customs brokerage experts in the region. Pushing beyond the limits through teamwork is what marked my days spent in the Customs Sector. Two years later I was promoted to the Team Leader of our operational team. I have to say it is a team I am extremely proud of, which has made all challenges surmountable, a team full of enthusiasm and great energy.

After four years of working in the customs sector, I got an opportunity for further development in the sector dealing with the organization of rail transport. As I graduated from the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, Major in Rail Transport and Traffic, I saw this as an amazing opportunity. Today, with support from a great leader, I work on projects where my knowledge from the university and previous work experience play a very important role. Every day is a new challenge, new striving towards achieving goals.

After seven years of experience, I would like to say to the future candidates that a career is built step by step. The knowledge we obtain during studies is just a foundation for further progress and a road to success. Work environment where you start your career is of great importance on that road. Apart from basic knowledge and operational experience, a very important segment of a successful person is corporate culture. This is also something you acquire through experience in a work environment. Something else I want to emphasize is that you should always keep in mind that you are your own recommendation with your attitude and enthusiasm.

If you have self-initiative, persistence and enthusiasm, book a ticket for a journey where we will push through the limits together. On that journey, leaders await you, who will appreciate these characteristics and who will always be there to hear your ideas and put the wind in your sails.

Jovana Jovančevski

Ivana Čupić

I started my career in Milšped as an intern during Summer Internship 2022, and after the internship I was employed as a Business Software Junior Technician.

One of the first things that impressed me was the team atmosphere. All the staff were very kind, open and willing to help. I felt welcome, and I could always rely on support from my co-workers. Consideration between colleagues and teamwork were strong, which created a positive work atmosphere and made it possible to efficiently resolve challenges.

I would also like to emphasize the quality of mentoring I received during the course of my internship. My mentor was very knowledgeable and dedicated to my success. He was open to questions and always ready to share his knowledge and experience. Thanks to my mentor, I gained a deeper understanding of various technologies and tools used in IT industry.

During the internship, I had an opportunity to work on various projects which helped me develop my skills. I got an opportunity to work on real challenges and apply theoretical knowledge I obtained from education.

As a result of my internship, not only have I gained technical skills, but also communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. This experience has boosted my self-confidence and motivation, as well as further personal development.

If you are interested in working in a young and energetic team, willing to learn new things every day, and work on your personal development, Milšped is the right place for you!

Jelena Milosavljević

Ivana Čupić

My experience of working in Milšped, the regional leader in logistics, was very enriching, and it gave me the opportunity for development, both professional and personal. The first opportunity I got was Summer Internship the Customs Sector, which lasted for three months. After the internship, I was employed as an export coordinator in the Logistics Department in the Customs Sector.

Formal education at the Faculty of Economics of the University in Niš has provided me certain knowledge in international economy, especially related to foreign trade, foreign exchange, and customs operations. Still, I wanted to build on that with practical knowledge and experience in this field, which motivated me to join Milšped.

From the very beginning, I noticed an excellent work organization and a pleasant work atmosphere created by co-workers. One of the key factors that has drawn me to work in Milšped was the possibility to gain broad practical knowledge in a pleasant environment. Already during the first interview, I felt that future co-workers were direct and open, which was very important to me.

Having an opportunity to work with the biggest experts in customs brokerage, I fitted into the team quickly. My colleagues have always been willing to support and believe in each other, encourage creativity and initiative, share their knowledge and experience, which made my fast development possible. Apart from challenging tasks and support I received, I also appreciate the work culture present in the company. One of the most valuable things in Milšped is the team spirit that is nurtured. Throughout the company, people have been open to new ideas, adaptable, and focused on continuous improvement. All this makes me proud to be a part of this company.

Overall, my experience of working in this company is extremely positive. I would like to tell young people thinking about applying for internship in Milšped that they have a unique opportunity to gain valuable work experience in a company that offers big challenges and opportunities for professional development. In Milšped, you will have an opportunity to connect with experts in their field and gain precious practical experience.

Filip Obradović

Ivana Čupić

During the studies at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, I applied to participate at the “Logic” International Logistics Conference organized by the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering. I received mentoring at Milšped. This experience brought me a wide knowledge on the given research topic, and later on an internship and a position in Milšped even before I graduated.

Immediately after my arrival, I felt as the youngest brother, surrounded by protective older family members who gave me full support. During the years of development, the freedom to express my creativity in engineering was the most important to me. Also, immense amount of trust in me enabled me to showcase all the knowledge I acquired.

Now, I try to give the same opportunities I had to all the colleagues, as well as students, so that everybody would have the opportunity to prove their value.