Milšped (Zagreb, Croatia) offers a full range of top quality logistics services. Warehousing capacities, well-developed distribution network and international transportation have helped this member of the Group gain recognition as a reliable partner. In the Rijeka office, our clients are provided with customs brokerage services with the use of bank guarantees in international container transportation.


Consolidated road transportation: transportation of consolidated shipments within the Milšped Group network through which we are connected with all European countries (European network). Defined transit times from taking shipments to delivery including all door to door costs. Apart from European network, we would like to emphasize our Balkan network which connects the region with the day lines from/to: Serbia - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Macedonia - Montenegro - Kosovo - Albania.


Road transportation – Full Truck Loads and Groupage: providing services and logistics solutions in road transportation (FTL/LTL) ensures timely and perfect deliveries. Special attention is paid to the safety in road transportation as well as ecology. Taking shipments by direct delivery and single vehicle ensures an optimal number of manipulations (loading – unloading); for additionally reduced transit time we offer the double-crew concept. Goods in road transportation are insured according to the CMR Convention.




FCL / LCL service – in sea transportation, in cooperation with world’s leading shippers, we provide a top-quality service and complete solutions by using the fastest routes and safe ship space, including seasonal deviations. In our Rijeka office, our services in the area of sea transportation include: full container load (FCL) transportation, less-than-container load (LCL) transportation, transportation of oversized freight (project cargo), temperature-controlled transportation of goods, insurance and customs clearance of transported goods, and organization of “door to door” delivery. We provide all kinds of services in ports through our own business network and the network of our business partners.



Within our integrated solutions, we take all logistics challenges in order to offer complete solutions and services to our partners. Our presence at all commercial airports in 150 countries worldwide gives us a great opportunity to offer air transportation solutions by “door to door” principle, with maximum flexibility. Apart from commercial transportation of shipments, we also organize temperature-controlled transportation of goods, transportation of VAL shipments with insurance and all security measures, oversized (Project) cargo transportation, transportation of express shipments, charter service - organization of charter flights.




Croatia’s distribution network ensures high-quality delivery to the end user within 24/48 hours, including delivery to islands according to the applicable timetable of ferry lines. Our vehicles are equipped with movable manipulation ramps, making delivery of shipments easier and with maximum security. Goods are distributed on a daily basis from the central warehouse in Sveta Nedelja, while cross-dock centres in Pazin, Rijeka, Zadar, Split and Osijek ensure maximum performance and coverage of entire Croatia.


WAREHOUSING LOGISTICS – 16,000 m2 of storage space


Warehousing systems and processes ensure excellence in the management of warehousing operations with the optimal coordination of storage spaces, reliable implementation of orders and optimal labour management. Solutions are optimal and adjusted to the needs of our international and domestic clients.




Our team of experts with long-standing experience in customs brokerage will conduct all complex customs brokerage activities. We provide a full service in import, export and transit customs clearance of goods, and we give advice in relation to customs procedures in Rijeka and Zagreb (Jankomir and Airport).


CONTACT AND ADDRESS                 

Milšped d.o.o                                                                                              

Gospodarska 2d, 10431 Sveta Nedelja                                                      

Fax: +385 1 6454 570                                                                                

Tel: +385 1 6454 574                                                                                  


Sales department:                                                                                              

Tel: +385 1 6471 268                                                                                   


Finance department:                                                                                             

Tel: +385 1 6454 570                                                                              





Goods station Rijeka

Brajdica 14, 51000


Tel: +38551444726

Fax: +38551554727

mail: milsped.rijeka@milsped.com


Airport Zagreb

Rudolfa Fizira 9, room 107


Velika Gorica, Croatia

Tel: +38516471266

mail: air.transport.hr@milsped.com  


Goods terminal Jankomir

(Customs office Jankomir)

Robni terminal 25, room 114/ 1st floor                                                                                         

10090 Zagreb, Croatia

Tel: +385 1 6454 578

mail: carinski.hr@milsped.com


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