Milsped Hungary Kft is the newest Company member of Milsped Group. The business is focused on providing customs brokerage services at the Tompa and Szeged locations. We provide efficient logistic solutions, owing to our presence in a large number of locations, daily shipments from Europe, and integrated services in synergy with Milsped Serbia.

Milsped Hungary Kft is an important provider of complete integrated logistics solutions in Hungary, for the Hungarian export industry, automotive industry as well as trade. It is particularly focused on all global enterprises with business activities in the Balkans, so Milsped Hungary, as company member of Milsped Group, is definitely their main partner in innovative logistics solutions.

Milšped Hungary operates with a warehouse facility in Szeged, while company is expected to manage processing of customs declarations, receipt and distribution, as well as domestic distribution order deliveries in an efficient manner.

Thanks to its synergy with Milsped Serbia, Milsped Hungary Kft offers simplified customs procedures, through the swift preparation of various documents necessary for smooth cargo transport, efficient storage in Hungary, and generally well facilitated road transit.

Milsped Hungary Kft is expected to be one of the most significant member companies of Milsped’s Global Development Team as well as development teams of its buyers in the area of integral and permanent logistics.

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MILSPED Hungary Kft
Adress: Back Bernát utca 1, Szeged, Hungary
Phone: +381 63 10 76 239
Email: info.hungary@milsped.com

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