Milšped Montenegro (Podgorica, Montenegro) has been operating in the Montenegrin market for as many as 15 years. The company provides a full logistics service in the territory of Montenegro, from international transport, to customs brokerage, to warehousing, distribution, and domestic transport. Expert skills and knowledge of the staff are a complete guarantee of security for your business.

Milšped Montenegro is an important link in the chain of services provided by Milšped Group.


Contact and address

Milšped Montenegro d.o.o.

Registered office: Ćemovsko polje bb

81000 Podgorica, Montenegro

Tel: +382 20 690 500

Fax: +382 20 690 505

Business address: Bandići bb,

81410 Danilovgrad, Montenegro

Tel: +382 20 690 500

Fax: +382 20 690 505


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