Milšped Romania is the youngest member of the Milšped Group, based in Timișoara, offering a wide range of services according to the highest standards of modern logistics and transportation. Milšped Romania's services include customs representation and the organization of international road transportation, providing fast and efficient solutions in the industrial sector to its clients.

The collaboration between Milšped Serbia and Milšped Romania enables the efficient organization of international road transport and smooth customs procedures, with our expert customs agents and advanced working systems facilitating navigation through complex customs processes. This reduces additional costs and ensures that business processes run smoothly without delays or disruptions.

In this way, Milšped Romania is a reliable partner for all logistics operations that involve streamlined customs procedures, including the rapid preparation of various documents required for transporting goods, customs representation, and international transportation of goods.

Milšped Romania is strategically committed to improving and developing green logistics solutions, which is why it is committed to implementing ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) strategy to protect the environment. This primarily involves the implementation of intermodal transportation, which would strengthen the connectivity between Western Europe and the Balkans with Eastern Europe, while providing environmentally sustainable transport solutions, ensuring faster and more efficient deliveries for clients without adverse environmental impacts.

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MILSPED Romania S.R.L.
Adress: strada Aleea Viilor nr.12a incaperea 91, Timisoara, Romania
Phone: 0747 267 332
Email: romania@milsped.com

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