Interview with Silvana Đurčević - M Base learning center

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1. What are the goals of the M Base Learning Center programs and how do they impact employee motivation towards future development?

M Base Learning Center supports the continuous education and personal development of employees at Milšped company. We focus on three key pillars: leadership and emotional intelligence development, expert training for each business line, and strengthening internal expertise through training internal trainers.

Thanks to this initiative, we observe a high level of motivation among employees, reflected in many applications for training, an increased number of participants in the year 2023, and the employees’ eagerness to share their knowledge with others. We take pride in having 24 internal trainers who have conducted at least two training sessions this year, enhancing camaraderie and support among colleagues.

2. How many workshops have you conducted since the beginning of this year, and what are the plans for the next year?

In the first year of operation of the M Base Learning Center, nearly 1000 employees have participated in various programs and training sessions. The number is substantial and reflects the ambitious goals we set, with the support we received from colleagues across all business lines contributing to the success of our initiatives.

It is important to note that the evaluations of the programs and training by our employees are very positive, further motivating us to continue our work and set even more challenging goals for the upcoming year.

For the year 2024, we plan not only to continue existing training but also to launch a new program for young, future leaders, along with additional training sessions conducted by our internal trainers to continue supporting the development of our team.

3. Based on employee feedback, which workshop do you believe has captured their attention the most?

The Transformational Leadership and Emotional Intelligence program has garnered the most attention from employees, especially from participating managers. Through this workshop, we have received exceptionally positive feedback and messages from participants, strongly indicating that we are on the right track. Their engagement and satisfaction with this program further inspire us to continue providing valuable educational experiences that support the personal and professional development of our employees.

4. How would you describe the current state of business skills in our society, considering your extensive experience in the field of human resources?

Required business skills vary depending on the industry, the life cycle stage of the company, its level of development, and expected growth. In the business context, we can boast a high level of business skills, and given my extensive experience in human resources, I will always prioritize competencies necessary for effective people management.

We recognize that transitioning from the role of Operations Manager to the role of People Manager is a complex process. Key skills in achieving results through employees, motivating teams, increasing engagement, self-awareness, understanding the needs of employees, and leading younger generations become vital focal points for improvement.

In line with this, Milšped has acknowledged these challenges, and we have developed the Transformational Leadership and Emotional Intelligence program in response to these issues. This program helps us strengthen the key skills required for successful leadership and management of people in a dynamic business environment.

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