New Graz - Koper Line launched by AML

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Today, the first loading was carried out on the new line Graz - Koper, a member of the Milšped Group AML, which represents an important step in the continuous realization of the demands of multinational companies in the segment of auto logistics. In this way, the company expands the services of transportation and distribution of vehicles and spare parts throughout Central and Western Europe, as well as the Balkans.

The company is aware of clients' demands, which is why it has launched an innovative project to redirect logistics flows from road to rail transport, in accordance with the multiple benefits that this modality brings, including reducing CO2 emissions and relieving road traffic. With a fleet of 200 wagons specialized for car transport, complete and efficient logistics solutions are guaranteed.

In addition to the impressive railway fleet, clients of the Milšped company also have at their disposal a modernly equipped compound with a capacity of 3,000 vehicles, ten electric chargers, as well as an impressive fleet of trucks for transporting cars, numbering 350 of its own units, as well as a spare parts warehouse in which, in the foreseeable future, implemented robotic technology.

Also, AML has smart repair capabilities with first-class protection against natural disasters and insects. Also, the spare parts warehouse provides a reliable and safe service, and in the near future, the implementation of robotic technology is planned, which will further improve our warehouse processes.

Milšped AML strives to be your reliable partner in auto logistics, ensuring fast, efficient and sustainable distribution of vehicles and spare parts. Therefore, the new railway line Graz - Koper represents another step towards realizing the vision of continuous development and providing top services to all clients. For this reason, the plan is to expand the fleet by another 200 wagons next year, which will significantly increase the transport capacity.

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