Millsped Group is expanding its global presence with the opening of the 15th member company - Millsped Italy

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Milšped Group is expanding its global presence by opening its 15th subsidiary company – Milšped Italy. Headquartered in Milan, this company will provide a wide range of services in line with high standards of modern logistics and transportation.

As a leader in the field, Milšped aims to establish state-of-the-art business processes in the Italian market. Clients will have access to all logistics services, including air, sea, rail, and road transport, as well as storage and customs services.

Nikola Todorović, a member of the Milšped Group Board of Directors and the Board of Directors of Milšped Italy, said, “Milšped Group proudly expands its operations in another major European country, believing that it will contribute to the development and improvement of the company on a global level. In the Italian market, we are dedicated to providing high-quality service to our clients, primarily trusting in the phenomenal team we have chosen, led by Marco Bertolli. We also believe that this subsidiary, with true dedication, continuous improvement, and the application of advanced Milšped Group systems, will quickly become a recognized and reliable logistics partner in a market that is of great importance to us. The representation in Milan is just the first step, as we plan to open several more locations across the country to properly cover well established market that Italy represents, and to strengthen our positions in air and sea services to the U.S. and China, and our companies in those countries.“

Like all group members, Milšped Italy is also introducing a new standard of sustainable business and environmental logistics to the market. Focused on adopting intermodal transport as an innovative standard in logistics, the company is implementing an ESG strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to global environmental preservation initiatives.

Milšped Italy represents the 15th country where Milšped Group operates, once again confirming its leadership position in the Southeast European market and its aspiration for global presence.

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