Milšped Group at Kopaonik Business Forum 2024

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This was another year in which Kopaonik Business Forum gathered experts from various fields with the aim of conducting constructive discussions on the improvement of the Serbian economy.

Nenad Zdravković, member of Supercisor committee at Milšped Group, was invited to participate in the panel “The role of the region in the change of the automotive industry“.

“As in the past, the railway will become the key transport to a certain location, and then trucks will pick up the goods within a radius of 500 kilometers, and finally the goods will be handed over to smaller vehicles,“ said Mr. Zdravković, noting that this requires large investments and planning.

“We opened an intermodal terminal in Niš as an alternative for truck transport. “Depending on the size, the train can replace 20-40 trucks,“ he pointed out during the discussion on the transformation of transport.This was a great opportunity to share experiences and best practices with other experts on “green“ logistics, the importance of intermodal transport and investment in infrastructure, as well as highlighting the role Milšped Group plays in the modernization of logistics processes in Serbia and the region.

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