Car Transport


Throughout Europe, we provide services of international and internal vehicle transportation, by integrating the proven partner network. Own fleet of trucks and equipment’s of new generation guarantee quality, economically, ecologically, efficiently transport and short handling times

Vehicle Transport

Managed transport fleet - 225 trucks for car transport (80 subcontractors):35 car carriers in Serbia80 car carriers in Slovenia25 car carriers in Germany

The truck fleet of 225 vehicles (90% trucks of new generation – EURO 6 with new equipment), trained drivers with great experience guarantees efficient support for every customer throughout the whole EU region. Various superstructure systems guarantee efficient transport and short handling times. Quality and consignment on time are our utmost priority. This punctuality relies on the latest IT systems and seamless communication. Thanks to our GPS-enabled fleet, we always know the exact location and arrival time of an individual truck. All the transported vehicles are covered with CMR + insurance as well as additional insurance as per the clients’ requests.


Transport for exclusive vehicles

Own Fleet with 5 units – trailers Kässbohrer Ecotrans, with specially positioned doors on both sides for comfortable and easy loading. Designed for safe transportation of exclusive vehicles, high-value prototypes and individual exhibition models. Guarantees the highest possible security for the loaded vehicles. Possibility for hydraulic extension at the rear end. Particularly low drive-on and drive-over angles. The spindle lifting systems for the upper platform are easy to use.


Training school

we are proud that we have driving schools. There are two courses of training, for beginner and professional drivers. Beginners learns from driving the truck to the way of using special upgrades to transport vehicles. Professionals are trained - informed about new customer requirements, as well as ways to improve poorer KPI results (fuel consumption, damage, manipulation, ...).Our trainers constantly visit the loading / unloading places and monitor the behavior of the drivers.



Car carriers in Russia

Car carrier special for Russia. Currently we own 27 trucks for vehicle transport. Equipment of new generation – trailers: Rolfo Blizzard and Lohr Epmak.

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