Customs Brokerage


Services of consulting, preparation of documents, electronic application submission, free use of bank guarantee; our great experience in customs brokerage and organization can provide you fast solution and efficient customs clearance.

Custom brokerage

With experienced and knowledgeable staff always pursuing the most up to date technology and industry regulations, we are bringing together the required Customs release procedures and logistics regulations with innovative technology solutions to provide customized product portfolios that are built to fit our client’s needs.
Community Customs Brokers is equipped to provide our clients with an integrated logistics package, including a full range of cross border customs brokerage and consulting services, international freight forwarding, transborder logistics, distribution and warehousing.
Community Customs Brokers uses the most up to date tools and technology to solve each import challenge. Our compliance driven team learn about your business to gain important, intimate knowledge of your operations and the nature of your shipments. This comprehensive research and discovery allows us to provide one-on-one service with compliant custom solutions for your business...
Complete service and consulting for all customs operations

  • Extensive experience in customs brokerage
  • Licensed customs agents
  • 150 customs operation / day
  • Customs office in every country of West Balkans
  • Customs office in Port Koper
  • The lagers bank transit guarantee in West Balkans - 12.900.000 €

Anything you need, we are here to help