Port Koper


Cooperation with various global ship-owners provides a high degree of reliability regarding overseas dispatch in all continents of the world.Thanks to our excellent business relationship with the Port of Koper with big experience as well as with custom we can provide our services in a professional manner with highest level of trust.

Port Koper

With the enormous volumes of freight that we ship and the multitude of carriers we work with, we can offer you competitive rates, frequent departures and the capacity you need - from and to every major port in the world.

Our expert freight forwarders will help you navigate regulations and ports as well as local pickup and last mile delivery. And if you need logistics support or warehouse management for your supply chain, we can handle that for you too.

Office in port Koper for logistics service:

  • Sea Freight
  • Port handling (discharge / loading)
  • Forwarding services (Customs clearance - procedure 40.00 and 42.00, gate in / gate out documents, T1 and EX documents, coordination with the shipping agent / carrier, coordination with car terminal, evidences for vehicles damage, monthly supplier/compound audits)
  • Storage of vehicles (control number of vehicles on stock, long term storage maintenance program activities)
  • Additional services (repairing of vehicles, washing, movement vehicles on the terminal, inventory of vehicles on storage area, customs clearance)
  • Disposition for trucks and rail

Anything you need, we are here to help