Rail Vehicle Transport


Rail transport is suitable for transporting large quantities, especially when we talk about block trains with double decks. Also, there is not traffic problems (traffic jams, accidents,roadblocks or weather conditions).With our wagons and specialists to organize a locomotive, we have full rail logistics.

Rail vehicle transport

  • Milsped has raised the investment in the first open double-decker in 2018
  • The delivery of 75-100 wagons will take place in Q3/Q4 2019
  • Further investments are possible
  • Rental for further units is possible
  • Cooperation with private railways in the traction area already started

Milsped Wagon:

  • Maximum load length of both levels
  • Latest version of the lift-over flaps
  • Quieter wagon with K brakes
  • Entry angle optimized (5% + 3%)

Anything you need, we are here to help