Vehicle Storage


Your vehicles on our storage are completely safe, with enough space for quality manipulation and the possibilities for regular control and maintenance. Also, on the vehicle storage are additional services for care and preparation cars for delivery.


The compound has an asphalt base with fence, video surveillance, bright night lights and 24-hour security team surveillance and insurance. There are Custom co mpound and commercially storage. Services of storage vehicles are with qualitative and quantitative reception and storage maintenance:

  • Control car condition
  • Tire pressure
  • Recharge battery
  • Refueling

All the operations going through modern software (WMS – warehouse management system) and allows us to monitor the current status of vehicles and to produce various reports.

Service Center

In the modern vehicle service center, we provide the services:

  • PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection)
  • PDS (Pre-Delivery service)
  • Smart and quick repair
  • Tire service
  • Washing
  • Installation of accessory equipment (parking sensors, alarms, Bluetooth devices for phone use in the vehicle, music)
  • Change of vehicle purpose from passenger to commercial vehicle (M1 – N1).

Special service package for the import of used vehicles: preparation for customs brokerage, engine number reading, vehicle testing in accordance with the Ordinance on Vehicle Testing, dry cleaning of vehicle interior, elimination of minor flaws/damages.

Anything you need, we are here to help