Automated Sortation System


Company Milšped has become a pioneer in the domestic market when it comes to the implementation of robotic technology in warehouse operations. In accordance with current market demands, Milšped Group has adopted new strategies and modern technologies.

In early 2023, a robotized warehouse with a capacity of up to 500,000 items was put into operation in Krnješevci, and a year later, Milšped Group launched a new system for intelligent sorting with the help of autonomous robots, thus increasing the number of robots involved in warehouse processes to over 100.

This flexible intelligent sorting solution is applicable to various product portfolios, including e-commerce, courier services, and comprehensive market supply through all channels of goods distribution, thus enabling an integrated logistics platform tailored for e-commerce, offered by the group's company, M One.

With this innovation, as well as the recently introduced automatic storage and retrieval system, Milšped Group has improved the separation, packaging, sorting, and delivery of goods, especially for e-commerce companies for whom speed and efficiency are crucial for daily operations and customer relations. In addition, robotization achieves significantly improved storage capacity, with five times greater productivity than before, and the error rate is minimized.

Advantages of the new automated warehousing technology:
  • Faster processing of goods for delivery
  • Greater accuracy in delivery
  • Higher quantities of delivered goods
  • 99.7% effective work time 24/7 operation
  • Intelligent sorting of goods
  • Applicable to all channels of goods distribution (retail, wholesale, and e-commerce channels)
  • Solution for seasonal increases in demand for goods delivery (Black Friday, holiday period, end of the week, end of the month)
  • Faster processing of data on receipt and delivery of goods
  • More efficient and effective management of reverse logistics
  • More efficient and effective management of customer satisfaction for our clients

    • Considering that Milšped Group can provide clients with customs brokerage and clearance services, along with this innovative intelligent sorting system, products stored in the robotized warehouse can be delivered to their customers on the same day, just a few hours after arriving at the warehouse.
With its global presence on three continents and 15 different markets, Milšped Group offers integrated logistics and transportation services, where the basic principle of business is the integration of clients and employees into a productive team for continuous improvement of quality and the provision of innovative solutions for logistics services, with the application of socially responsible business practices. With over 3,700 reliable, professional, and loyal staff members and a tradition spanning over 30 years, Milšped Group continuously builds its success and leadership position in the market.

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