The Milsped company is a pioneer on the domestic market when it comes to the implementation of customized automated warehouse technologies. To meet the growing real-time market needs the Milšped company has recently adopted new strategies and modern technologies.

Since January of this year, a robotic warehouse in Krnješevci with a capacity of up to 500,000 pieces of goods has been put into operation.

Learn more about the advantages of the new, automated storage technologies:
  • shortening the time period of transporting goods and the process of responding to a client's request
  • 24/7 uninterrupted operation of the robot, which increases productivity and speed in the realization of our clients' requests
  • unhindered flow of goods as a prerequisite for the successful functioning of any warehouse thanks to the most modern software that provides insight into the location of each item, as well as the time of its shipment
  • increase in storage capacity - we can now store up to three times the amount of goods in the same space

In addition to increasing performance and accuracy, we supply the market through all channels of distribution (retail, wholesale, e-commerce), providing solutions for seasonal increases in the demand for goods (“black friday“, holidays and seasonal changes). And that’s not all! Our logistic support is available 24 hours a day - even on weekends and we provide better inventory visibility for online platforms and more efficient and effective management of return logistics and customer satisfaction.With its global presence on three continents and 13 different markets, the Milšped company offers numerous and integrated services including customs brokerage and representation, organization of international and domestic transportation and distribution, as well as warehousing. The basic principle of business is the integration of clients and employees into one productive team for the continuous improvement of quality. We pay special attention to socially responsible business and provision of innovative solutions. With more than 3,500 reliable, professional and loyal staff and a 30-year tradition, Milšped builds its success and leadership position on the market.Use the opportunity to improve your business, join the solutions of the future.

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